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Bring Up Sight—How Do You See

apostolos vamvouras | unsplash.com

We rely on our eyes so much to see the world and interpret it that just briefly closing our eyes can make us feel overwhelmed. Yet, what if I tell you now that colours don’t really exist. Would you believe me? Maybe not, but you should. Colours are a product of our brain’s interpretation of the different wavelengths. There exist only a narrow range of those wavelengths that we can actually perceive. However, the rest is still routinely used. Beyond the visible light spectrum resides two types of light: Ultraviolet and Infrared. Ultraviolet is most commonly known for its impacts on our skin health. As for infrared light, there is one application that is not as widespread, which is its part taken in the greenhouse effect. The more there are greenhouse gases that accumulate in the atmosphere, the more trapped infrared light gets. This entrapment causes the important warming associated with the greenhouse effect. Read this article to know more about our eyes and light.

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Bring Up Hearing—Where is this sound coming from

From the moment I wake up, I am submerged with sounds…and noises; unfortunately, I am currently living in Montréal. Noise is an unavoidable consequence when living in a city. I would rather be awoken every morning by the unique sound of songbirds. This necessarily brings me to wonder what makes certain sounds more pleasant than others. We can try answering this question, but first, we must describe how a sound is created and how it is perceived. Then, we must introduce sound as acoustic waves and reveal its characteristics, such as pitch, amplitude and frequency. Lastly, we must not forget to talk about the auditory conditions that some people struggle with on a daily basis. Only after we have gone through all these elements can we seriously attempt to understand what makes a sound appealing…or appalling.

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