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Bring Up Snow – What is that fluff coming down the sky

Mentioning Winter, for at least all Canadians, brings up a specific image in our minds, snow. The overwhelmingly white and shiny background cast over most of the ground forms the medium that will entertain us for most of the chilly months to come. Whether we love snow or not, there is absolutely no avoiding it. So, let us use this opportunity to absorb the beauty and the intricacy of snow. It is not just another form of precipitation; snow is a natural work of art. Think of snow as a beautiful painting where the canvas was specks of dust and the painter, the cold weather. From skiing to snowmen to slides, there seems to be no end in sight as to its potential. Instead of inevitably feeling annoyed by the column of snow amassing on your car, which you will now have to clear, try thinking about all the joy felt by the kid who will be playing in it. Let’s start enjoying and taking in all the moments that it brings.

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Bring Up Fibromyalgia – When pain becomes an everyday occurence

If we try to simplify things as much as possible, we can say that pain is just a seriously uncomfortable event. We can even conclude that pain can, at the very least, be stopped once the triggering agent has been dealt with. Now, what if I tell you that there exist some people that experience pain from, what seems like, unknowable triggers. Would you believe me? I surely wouldn’t. Except that, in recent years, I have developed a chronic pain disorder that made me question my belief. One of the most well-known chronic pain disorders is fibromyalgia. Even though there are currently handfuls of studies exploring the possible cause behind this disorder, still none can explain its nature. There are, as of yet, no apparent triggers but only hypotheses. The only thing possible is to live our lives as best we can and manage the pain that will inevitably occur. Read this article to learn more about chronic pain disorders and my experience with one of them.

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Bring Up The Beginning – How it all started

What is ”growing up”? What makes for maturity? Different people might have very different answers to those questions. Some might have a more physiological view and claim that growing up is the same as aging. Or some might even have a more philosophical approach and think that growing up is the unavoidable outcome produced by looking deeply into one’s true self. It really doesn’t matter what the view is, in all views, I see one common denominator, which is the accumulation of experience. I could have just described the latter as life when I think about it. By the process of growing up, we go through ups and downs and everything in between. All those experiences begin somewhere, whether it’s our birth or our first day of school. Without beginnings we cannot be, so dive into this article to see a glimpse at the person I was, I am and that I’m trying to become. Maybe you’ll find out at the end that I am no different than you.

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