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Bring Up Racism – When systemic discrimination hurts people

It’s really hard to notice our flaws when we’re standing on our very own self-erected pedestal. Whether it results from narcissism or traumatizing past experiences, we all develop biases. These biases are naturally formed and hold no other objective than to protect us. It is only when biases become beliefs that they really can cause damage to people’s lives. To avoid hurting people, we have to question our beliefs, but more importantly, uncover our biases. In the case of racism, the bias responsible has been ‘race’. Actually, the term race is a man-made construct only that unfortunately has led to the formation of a belief in the hierarchy of races. Racism was used for a very long time to justify the mistreatment of very large groups of people. That construct now needs to retire more than ever, as there is absolutely no scientific proof that supports it. Let’s instead be better individuals and this means learning to rule over our biases. To learn more about biases, racism and discrimination, read this article.

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