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Bring Up Hair – What you have to know about your mane

Yet, more recently, boys have also begun adopting the same attitude towards it. Often the first and the last thing on our mind, we spend a great deal of time caring for it. Our hair goes through a series of rigorous manipulation like brushing, cleaning, treating and styling. IT is the willpower to obtain that perfect head of hair that is the chief driver of our continuous dedication to achieve that flawless head of hair that makes us look both beautiful and put together. Through all of the troubles we go through to make it look shiny and lustrous, we often forget or ignore what composes them in the first place. This disinterest to learn more about them makes it so easy for commercial products to claim unproven benefits and so what. Once we have learnt what constitutes them, on a fundamental level, we can simultaneously learn to better care for them and avoid falling into the trap left by scammers. To adequately care for them, it turns out you don’t need to empty your pocket. Read this article to find out how.

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Bring Up Intermittent Fasting – What should my eating schedule look like

Finding a middle ground between losing weight and staying healthy is not easy. Some fad diets have tried multiple times to make us believe that they were the one. Still they all seemed to fall short somehow. Recently intermittent fasting has been gaining a lot of traction which begs to wonder if this whole trend is worth investing time doing. I, being no different than most, wanted to find a healthy way to lose weight, or at the very least manage it. Given the multiple claims and praises this fasting method has accumulated, it really grabbed my attention. I had to figure out what the fuss was all about and if it holds its ground when dissecting science studies. Turns out that it really is a wonderful method, it has definitely surpassed my expectations. However, it definitely isn’t suited for everyone. Read this article to find out what I discovered, from both the science studies and my own experience.

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