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Bring Up Breathing—How We Get This Precious Oxygen in Our Blood

Eli DeFaria | Unsplash.com

Fortunately for us, when we stop breathing consciously, our autonomous respiratory system kicks in. This alternative system allows us to entirely refocus our attention on other tasks, which can be truly beneficial. However, when left unchecked for too long, our breathing can change so much that our gas exchange can be impaired. It may be possible that there is no longer enough oxygen entering and enough carbon dioxide leaving our organism. This can cause a series of side effects that could be really detrimental. By refocusing some of our attention on our breathing regularly, we can notice when our breathing gets too shallow or too rapid. Once we notice these changes, we are then able to address them and bring back our breathing to normal. One suggested technique is diaphragmatic breathing which involves breathing deeply. But if this one is not for you, there are always more techniques that you can do.

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Bring Up Smell- How We Perceive Odours

The nose may be one of the most prominent features of our face, but its role goes way beyond providing extra distinguishing features for facial recognition. Our nose allows us to detect volatile compounds that can be interpreted as odours or malodours. Even though we might seriously wish to never distinguish any nasty odours, like farts, ever again, it’s part of our survival tool kit. So thinking that people affected by anosmia might be better off without it is probably inconsiderate at best and heartless at worst. Yes, it is true that they can’t smell farts, but what else can’t they smell… gas leaks, spoiled food and rotten flesh. This blind spot might not only potentially lead the person to go through unnecessary danger, but it could also be fatal. As for pleasant smells, they are also unnoticed. This implication can be disastrous considering that our smell is very tightly linked to emotions and rewards.

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