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Bring up Matching‒How Dating Apps Are disappointing us

Charly Pn |

It probably wouldn’t be too far-fetched to claim that most people seek, during the course of their lives, a soul mate, or at the very least, a significant other. And in their quest to find the perfect mate, some people opt to satisfy their desires by going after one-night stands. Nowadays, the most popular way to find potential partners is through the use of dating apps, but they come with noteworthy drawbacks. Not everyone on these social platforms may have the same intention; consequently, some may rely on different tactics to ensure their success. If your hope is to mainly attract as many partners as possible, you may be tempted to lie. The constant deception present on dating apps is often the primary source of users’ disappointment. However, if we take a deeper look at the problem, we could also assume that people lie because it is easy and flagrantly non-sanctioned.

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Bring up Choices – How an Economist Might See Them

From the moment we open our eyes in the morning to the moment we shut them at night, we have made many choices. Some choices are more important than others: to go to college or not, go on one knee or not, or ask for that promotion or not. Actually, Economists have pioneered a unique way to explain our choices and why we make them. The central idea is that we are all rational beings and our choices must pay off in some way. From this, it is possible to model certain situations called games. These games are not video games, nor board games, but share the same idea: players, actions and outcomes. Like in video games, a strategy is a sequence of actions where one strategy may lead to a very different outcome than another strategy. However, strategies may also depend on our belief of the other player’s actions. This then invokes the theory of probability, where many different factors influence an outcome.

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Bring Up Traffic – Where does all that congestion come from

For me, and perhaps for you too, driving always brings its load of anxiety. This happens not only because I have limited experience, but also because other drivers are not consistently careful. Even worst, sometimes their carelessness can occasionally lead them to adopt dangerous behaviours. Which raises questions about the origin of all this impatience and risk-taking demeanour. We cannot be certain about its source, but we can still emit some hypotheses to answer it. From what I understand, traffic is a catalyst for road rage. This may be induced by a series of interactions with less reactive drivers, which induces impatience and a desire to react impulsively. That being said there are ways that we can all contribute to a more pleasant driving experience. However, this requires many components often quite difficult to assemble.

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