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Bring Up Sun and Stars – What makes them special

When we think about stars, the image that probably comes to mind is a pitched black sky with randomly dispersed orbs of lights that shimmers through the night. The image that probably won’t come to mind is a big and bright yellow sphere that has been burning fuel through nuclear reactions that have been going on for billions of years. Still, the latter is a very good and decent depiction of a star, or should I say our star, the Sun. It is, what I believe to be, both the most undervalued and the most essential star. Undervalued because we don’t even recognize it as a star most of the time, and essential because without this star we wouldn’t be. We are taking the sun for granted because we have never experienced life without it, and actually never will. Still, we should take a moment of our time to pay our tribute to the Sun which is giving more to us than we can dare imagine. What better way to achieve that than taking a moment to deepen our appreciation of it through the reading of this carefully written article.

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